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Foundations of Financial Risk


Course Overview


To succeed in the financial markets, everyone from the back office to the trading room floor must understand the fundamental concepts of financial risk. Foundations of Financial Risk (FFR) is a course designed for professionals beginning their careers in banking or finance, offering a broad overview of key topics like credit risk, market risk, operational risk, insurance risk, and the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision’s regulatory principles (Basel Accords). 

Course based on Foundations of Financial Risk, authored by:

Christopher Donohue, Ph.D, is the managing director of the GARP Benchmarking Initiative, a data utility for financial services companies to compare sensitive data. Previously, he led GARP’s Educational and Research Programs, with oversight including the Financial Risk Manager (FRM®) and Energy Risk Professional (ERP®). Prior to joining GARP, Donohue’s roles included hedge fund partner responsible for the development of asset allocation tools; director in the Global Research Center at Deutsche Asset Management, leading product research and development; and director of optimization technology at Alphatech, a technology and research defense contractor.
Richard Apostolik is President and CEO of GARP, leading the world’s premiere association for risk professionals for 18 years. Previously with Bankers Trust’s (Deutsche Bank) strategic ventures group, Apostolik developed financial risk management initiatives designed to provide credit risk mitigation and management services to financial service companies. He also served as JPMorgan & Co.’s global head of energy brokerage activities and chief operating officer of its global listed product businesses. He ran his own consulting firm and was responsible for the startup of SG Warburg & Co.’s North American futures and options business. He was an attorney with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, practiced law with a private law firm in Chicago, and was the Chicago Mercantile Exchange’s house counsel. Apostolik holds a BSBA, MBA, and JD from the University of Dayton.